Friday, July 13, 2007

Things I want in a personal garage.

I think I need 5 bays. 1 for my daily driver, 1 for my mustang, 1 for my tractor, 1 for the lady of the houses car, and 1 for my auto hauling trailer. I would like one of the bays to be large enough to hold a semi tractor.

Besides these, I would like some workshop area where things like bandsaw, radial arm saw, air compressor, SMAW welder, GMAW welder, drill press, storage shelves, and workbences are located.

One of the bays should be capable of being closed off by permanent partition or sliding doors so that sandblasting and painting can be done there.e shuld also have

Somewhere in the shop we need a aink that can be used for wash water and some parts washing. We should also be able to wash up in this sink.

One corner of the shop should have a restroom with shower.

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